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Susan Pattis

Over the past several years Dr. Susan Pattis and Mark Robertson have collaborated on a variety of projects in China, the U.S. and eastern Europe.  Through the collaboration between PGAdvisors and ChinaClincks2 International Consultants, we have the capacity to provide multi-lingual services in the areas of market entry strategy, brand management, reputation management, government relationship management, sales & marketing services and international business development.  Through our global network of affiliates, we can provide these services not only to those interested in entering the Chinese market, but also to Chinese companies and investors interested in accessing international markets and opportunities.

Susan Pattis is a Chinese American living and working in Beijing, China since 1996. She is the founder and Chairman of ChinaClicks2 Group (CC2), one of the most well regarded and successful wholly-owned foreign consulting firms in China. Susan also serves since 1995 as the Deputy Chairman of of the United World Chinese Association (based in HK) with more than 50 million overseas Chinese members in over 100 countries. 

Susan has become a public icon and a very reputable and famous business woman in China for her contributions to China’s most high profile national projects.  For example, Susan and her CC2 team assisted the Beijing 2008 Olympic committee in creating the Olympic Bid slogan “New Beijing, Great Olympics” both in English and Chinese; creating the Olympic slogan “One Dream, One World” both in English and Chinese; and creating the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games bid slogan “Invigorating Asia, Spark the World” both in English and in Chinese.  Susan was also elected as the WOMAN of Year in 2002 by “Foreign Investment In China” Magazine, the only official magazine for multinational companies in China. As the Chief Advisors for 100 Major cities in China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Hangzhou, Gui, Dalian, Shenyang, Harbin, Heihe, Gansu, Xinjiang, Qingdao and Qufu, Susan and her CC2 team have become the first choice for most mayors in China to develop their city’s sustainable development strategies and marketing plans. As the strategist for the top 500 Chinese private and state-owned companies and as the primary consultants for fully one third of the Fortune 500 companies entering the Chinese market, Susan and her CC2 team have developed a vast network among the Chinese business communities nationwide. Susan also holds the distinction as being the highest paid and most well-known public speaker in China, having delivered over 200 public speeches worldwide (mainly in China) to over 200,000 business leaders and government officials covering over 30 different topics.

Susan is specialized in strategic management, marketing, branding, public relations, government relations, communication strategies, corporate leadership counsel, team building and project planning. Susan received her PhD and MBA degrees from the Universities of California. Before locating to Beijing, China in 1996, Susan worked as the Marketing Director for Merchant Services with American Express’s Travel Related Services in Los Angeles beginning in 1989 to 1994; she also worked as the Senior International Business Director for Asia for Fluor Daniel from 1994 to 1996; she took the position as the General Manager and China Chief Representative for General Physics from 1996-1997; she became the China Representative of AchieveGlobal from 1997-1998; and later became the China Representative of Edelman Public Relations Worldwide from 1998 to 2000. She founded CC2 in 2000 in Beijing and continues to serve as its Chairman.

Susan has been involved in many Children-related charity projects in China since 1996. She is the founder and Chairman of the Chinese Children Growth Foundation associated with China's National Youth and Children Foundation, which is sponsored by the Chinese government and China All Women Federation. Susan joined Mr. John Robison and top Hollywood professionals to found Hollywood Movie Works, LLC in order to bring China to the world and the world to China.

Susan Pattis’s Selected Publications in China:

Book 1   "Modern Strategic Planning and Consulting" 2001 (Chinese Language)

Book 2   "Entrepreneur’s Characters" 2003 Chinese Language) 

Book 3   "Entrepreneur’s Coffee Time" 2004 (Chinese Language

Book 4    "New Thinking of the Cities" 2005 (Chinese Language)

Book 5   "The Art of Public Speaking" 2006 (Chinese Language)

Book 6   "Life Planning" 2007 (Chinese Language) class="style1">

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