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Carlos Camacho
Mexico City

Mr. Carlos Camacho and Mark Robertson have worked closely on a number of complex transactional and multilateral trade issues almost continuously since 1993.

Carlos has had a long and distinguished career in both the public and private sectors in Mexico.Prior to establishing Pretium, S.C. in 2001, he served as Mexico’s Under Secretary of Fisheries for nearly ten years. In that capacity he was responsible for regulating Mexico’s globally significant fisheries industries, representing Mexico before such international forums as the UN Food and Agriculture Organization; the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission; and OLDEPESCA, the organization of Latin American Fisheries Organizations.

Mr. Camacho played a leadership role in the negotiation and implementation of such landmark international fisheries agreements as the UN Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries as well as the Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program. He also actively participated in the negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Mexico-E.U. Free Trade Agreement.

Carlos also served as Mexico’s Undersecretary of Tourism on two occasions, during which time he was chosen as vice president of the World Tourism Organization in Madrid; Director General of Foreign Investment, leading the biggest change in policy in the initial opening of the Mexican Economy; and as Director General of Statistics, where he was in charge of conducting and finishing the Population Census of 1980.

Since establishing the Pretium consulting firm in 2001, Carlos Camacho and his associates have represented governmental institutions and many well known national and multinational clients from the telecommunication, retail, mining, energy, tourism, transportation, agricultural and biotechnology industries. Their services to these clients include economics, environmental assessment, antitrust law, financial and commercial analysis, tourism and fisheries, and direct foreign investment.

In the academic arena, Carlos has taught several economics topics at various prestigious Universities in Mexico and abroad, including Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México(ITAM), Colegio de México, Universidad Iberoamericana, University of Texas at Austin, and Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City, where he was recently appointed Dean of the School of Foreign Relations.In the course of his government service, he received the “Francisco de Miranda” award from the Governments of Venezuela and was bestowed with the “Merit Order” by France.

Carlos Camacho received his undergraduate degree in economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (Mexico City) and earned his Master’s Degree in Economics from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. He has received the Honorius Cause Doctorate from Newport University (California. U.S.A.).

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