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About our Global Affiliates

Mark Robertson and each of the Affiliates of Potomac Global Advisors, through this umbrella organization, formally offer to prospective clients an integrated package of professionals and services that have provided proven success to their existing and past clients.  

PGAdvisors offers centralized management and coordination for complex multinational and interdisciplinary transactions, projects and problems.  Whether their considerations are economic, geopolitical, global diplomacy, barriers to trade, or environmental, PGAdvisors assists clients in packaging their project or problem for successful resolution. 

Where applicable, PGAdvisors will perform a complete analysis of the political and economic assets and liabilities for a particular project and will identify, through our global network of Affiliates, the path to successful achievement of the client's objective, whether it is for an investor, a new law/regulation, an acquisition target or a new market.

Under no circumstances will PGAdvisors accept an engagement that it believes does not stand a reasonable opportunity for success or otherwise deviates from our discipline.