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Advocacy and Issue Management

To create a strategic advantage for clients, PGAdvisors assesses political and economic conditions, identifies and pursues appropriate alliances and identifies a client's existing political assets and liabilities. From these evaluations, PGAdvisors works with our clients to develop and implement effective political strategies that accomplish their objectives.

Domestically and internationally, political decision-makers possess the power to affect our clients' interests in profound and often unintended ways. Policy and decision-makers need the right information to ensure they are well informed. PGAdvisors knows this process and has been successful as an advocate for clients before members of Congress, Administration officials, interest groups, business leaders and foreign governments, framing our clients' positions the context to which key decision makers are most receptive.

Performing our responsibilities on the client's behalf, we see ourselves as conductors of an orchestra. We always know the music, we always know what instruments are available to us, and we always know our audience - whether it is the public, the media, or key decision-makers.

We know when, where and how to bring in political assets, diplomatic engagement, coalitions, economic assets, media assets, overt advocacy, "stealth" advocacy, grassroots advocacy, etc. Through the careful orchestration of messages and assets, PGADVISORS helps the client to more fully manage the audience perception.