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International Trade Services

PGAdvisors and its affiliates assist clients with a wide range of international, commercial, trade, investment, political and regulatory matters that involve moving goods, people, services and information across borders; participating in administrative proceedings under U.S. and foreign laws; and advising foreign governments and companies on the positioning of complex bilateral and multilateral issues for favorable resolution.

We have, along with our global affiliates and of-counsel colleagues, represented clients from around the world on such matters as anti-dumping disputes (petitioner and respondent); resolution of complex barriers to international trade; management of responses to national and multilateral institutional investigations, such as the UN Oil-for-Food investigation; and counseling government and industries on strategic positioning for treaty negotiations; prosecution of and defense against cases before trade dispute settlement bodies such as the WTO and NAFTA; and the management of interactions with other stakeholders, including interest groups, non-governmental organizations, etc.