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Political Capital Asset Management


The PGAdvisors professionals have further distinguished themselves in Washington, D.C. through our proven experience in the successful application of current technology in the public affairs space. One such application is in the area of strategic positioning.

PGADVISORS assists foreign and domestic clients to identify their assets for use in the development of "political capital" in Washington, D.C. Whether those assets are manifested in the form of U.S. subsidiaries, employees, employers, contractors,suppliers or other professional affiliations, each carries the potential for political voice before decision makers.

Recognizing that it takes more than good contacts and an institutional memory to ensure success, PGAdvisors integrates experience and resources with creative applications. PGAdvisors has the technological capacity and expertise to mine these resources to the best advantage of our clients. One such example is PGAdvisors interactive proprietary software, known as the Political Capital Asset Management System, which substantially automates this complex process and maximizes its usefulness on behalf of clients.

Historical knowledge, critical information, inside intelligence and incisive analysis – PGAdvisors puts all of these elements together to help our clients accomplish their objectives. Using the solid foundation of an agreed upon strategic plan, PGAdvisors works with and for our clients to strategically position them for successful realization of their public policy goals.