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Media Relations/Corporate Communications/Image Management

Far too often, corporations spend too much time "playing defense" when they could be taking a more proactive role in positioning themselves. Our corporate communications and image management strategies help our clients develop and cement a perception of themselves which they can successfully use in both times of crisis and calm.

PGAdvisors takes the approach that public attitudes are not only the product of a few elite opinion makers - they can also be shaped from the ground up. We specialize in constructing grassroots public relations campaigns designed to target highly specific audiences, whether in Washington, Beijing, Mexico, or Los Angeles.

To build support for or opposition to policy initiatives and to capture the attention of decision makers, PGAdvisors uses tools such as op-eds,  editorials, earned and paid media as well as more  creative tools such as internet and email campaigns and the creation of coalitions of similarly interested companies, NGOs, activists, etc. to pursue a common objective.

Employing this proactive approach to corporate communications and image management, PGAdvisors has successfully represented international and domestic clients and facilitated the achievement of their public policy objectives in a cost-effective manner.