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Mark J. Robertson

Before entering the private sector in 1990, Mark Robertson had a strong and distinguished career on Capitol Hill. He spent more than 17 years in the Senate and House of Representatives as a senior staff member to various senators and congressmen.

During his tenure on Capitol Hill, Mr. Robertson developed significant experience in the areas of Senate and House political and parliamentary procedure, as well as in the substance of legislative and regulatory issues affecting international trade, energy policy, national defense and intelligence, telecommunications, financial services, and international relations.

Mr. Robertson provides strategic counsel to multinational corporations, domestic and foreign industry associations/chambers, and foreign national and state governments on all manner of issues related to markets development and access, political positioning, crisis management/avoidance, and issue management. In addition, he has developed and executed federal and multi-state advocacy campaigns on behalf of numerous multinational companies.

Mr. Robertson was a principal member of Mexico’s team lobbying the Administration and Congress for passage of NAFTA and subsequently served as an advisor in the successor USMCA Trade Agreement in 2017/2018. Since the early 1990s, he has worked on many of the most challenging issues on the bilateral, U.S.-Mexico agenda on behalf of various Ministries, companies and industries in Mexico.  In the private sector, he served as strategic counsel and project coordinator for the largest cross-border Mexican bank acquisition in the United States, and the cross-border acquisition of a 41-state money transmitter, both of which successfully closed.

Currently, Mr. Robertson is working extensively with numerous Romanian interests in the public and private sectors in support of foreign capital investment within the country and the region, most recently in broadcast and digital media investments focused on reinforcing the presence of free and fair news reporting. He successfully worked with the Colombian government on specific programs to improve efforts to counteract drug trafficking, terrorism and kidnapping within the nation.

As the representative for several private companies in the Balkans, he has helped establish partnering agreements with U.S. multinational corporations, including those specializing in energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, and television broadcasting/distribution. Furthermore, he is involved in the promotion of certain high-profile projects in the energy sector that will directly impact regional and global energy security.

In the past, Mr. Robertson has also served as a strategic counsel to the presidents and/or ministers of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, Serbia, Romania, The Gambia and others.

Mr. Robertson is Chairman and President of Ellaal Goldberg Corp., a U.S. corporation providing for investments in broadcast, print and digital news media in Eastern and Western Europe.  He also served as President for the European Institute for Risk, Security and Communication Management. EURISC is a non-governmental foundation focused on promoting dialogue, education, training and research on major issues of national and international security. The institute is based in Bucharest, Zurich and Washington, D.C.

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